Friday, October 20, 2017

A debate inside another one

Tim Maudlin debated Gerard 't Hooft about his cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechanics in a series of Facebook posts, the fourth one being here Somewhere in the forest of comments I was engaged in a sort of sub-debate, with Tim, Hans, and others. Sabine was there too. The discussion was completely surrealistic, Tim and Hans completely misunderstood my point. This started by me intervening with a theoretical counterexample to a claim that all so called superdeterministic theories (in particular 't Hooft's) are not falsifiable, and of course it led to different topics. It is not known, but not a secret that the wavefunction collapse leads to violations of conservation laws, and that it is possible at least in principle to remove the collapse while remaining with a single world. But removing the collapse can be seen as superdeterministic (although I wouldn't call it like this, because it is based on spacetime, not on initial conditions), and I even proposed a principle to explain this, and experiments to test it. I paste here most of this *debate*, because there are some parts I am interested to keep. I skipped some parts in which I was not involved.

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