Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Nature!

Exactly 145 years ago, on 4 November 1869, the first number of Nature appeared.

According to the current Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta, Nature is controlled (unofficially) by the current president of Romania, Traian Băsescu, with the main purpose to accuse Ponta of plagiarism. A possible explanation is that some collaborators of Băsescu traveled in time to create the journal. And then they also founded 145 years ago a secret society of scientists, who kept making great scientific discoveries. This also explains why most scientific discoveries were made in the last 1.5 centuries. The reason to make these scientific breakthroughs is not to advance the world, but to publish them in Nature, or in the other journals citing Nature, to make it world's most cited journal, so that, when the time comes, Nature's accusations against Ponta will have greater impact. And to invent rules that it is dishonest to copy text from other books and articles without attributing it explicitly when you write your PhD thesis. The second reason would be that the research made by this secret society of genii secretly led by the mastermind Băsescu will eventually lead to the discovery of time travel [1,2,3,4], which would allow him to send his people 145 years back in time...

Now, presidential elections are taking place in Romania. Two days ago was the first round, and now Ponta is the favorite to become the new president after the second round, in 12 days. Ponta has now the chance to forbid time travel, to change the history back to its track, which is a world without the Nature journal and all that scientific research in it, a world without physicists who can discover time travel. Or quite the opposite, he may actually make use of time travel, to set our history back to 25 years ago, when people overthrew Ceaușescu, and the communists were forced to disguise themselves as social-democrats to continue to keep the power.

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Cristi Stoica said...

Nature: Romanian prime minister relinquishes his PhD

"Victor Ponta says controversy over 2012 plagiarism charges is a distraction to his cabinet."