Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Last week I was in Castiglioncello. It is a small but very beautiful town in Tuscany, Italy, somewhere not far from Pisa. Between the plane and the train, I had time to detour and see the leaning tower.

The reason of my visit to Castiglioncello was a physics conference :

It is organized every other year, mainly by Thomas Elze, a brilliant physicist and a dear friend who invited me. It takes place in Castello Pasquini:

Castello Pasquini
I will not list now all about 150 participants, excellent physicists from various countries and areas of research. I will mention for the moment just the Nobel prize winner Gerard 't Hooft, Tom Kibble, who also deserves a Nobel prize for co-discovering the Higgs boson, and the Fields medalist  Alain Connes. It was an excellent opportunity to finally meet in person other people, with whom I just communicated via Internet, or whom I knew only by their research papers, and also to meet again people whom I knew from other conferences.

Initially, I thought there was no beach, because people were sun bathing on the cliffs,

but asking a sandy girl, she pointed me to some stairs

leading to a real beach

It was so difficult to decide which of the talks to skip to visit Castiglioncello, or to swim in the sea. Luckily, I could swim in the night.

I staid at Hotel Leopoldo, where the breakfast was made by an excellent Romanian cook named Florin, and at the desk was a cute girl named Valentina.

At lunch, we ate at the restaurant Il Peschereccio.

Courtesy of Yaron Hadad.

A great place to have some drinks and eat a good pizza is Ghostbuster.

The conference dinner took place at Grand Hotel Villa Parisi,

a wonderful place owned by Francesca, a friendly beautiful girl.

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