Friday, November 1, 2013

FQXi contest 2013 "It From Bit or Bit from It", results announced

The results of this year's FQXi contest are announced.
Here is how the top looked at the end of the community voting:

Now, the members of the jury made their choices too, and here are the results:

In addition to the winning essays, there are many interesting entries, including some of those that were not among the finalists.

My essay, The Tao of It and Bit (arXiv:1311.0765), got a fourth prize.


Florin Moldoveanu said...

Hi Cristi,

What do you think about Christian Corda's meltdown? I think everyone knows the contest are biased, but to me Corda's submission did not look very topical. And I think his rant had the opposite effect painting him as a sore looser.

Cristi Stoica said...

Hi Florin,
About the contests being biased, whenever I felt that more transparency is needed, I raised the problem at the FQXi blog, which is a better place for this than my blog. Nobody sided with me, but anyone can end up in a position in which may need more transparency. In the case of CC, transparency means to make the jury's votes available, to see how were they able to revert the difference of 1.5 points between CC and ML, obtained from 60 community votes. About CC's reaction to this result he did not expected, as someone being in similar positions twice so far, who am I to judge?

Florin Moldoveanu said...

Thinking of it, transparency is a very good idea.